UNC Charlotte Center City Campus


First Summer 2017 (10 week session) 

6000-Contract Devepolment R 5:30 PM-8:50 PM Poulton CITY 506
6102-Foundation of PA W 5:30 PM-8:50 PM Leland CITY 506
6326-Appl Econ for PA   ONLINE Douglas Online
6328-Urban and Comm. Dvlpmnt M 5:30 PM-8:50 PM Carman CITY 506


Fall 2017

6102-Found. in Public Admin M 5:30 P-8:15 P Leland CITY 804
6104-Public Orgs and Mgmt T 5:30 P-8:15 P Barth CITY 804
6125-Quant Rsch Methods R 6:30 P-9:15 P Chattopadhyay FRET 406
6126-Data Analysis R 6:30 P-9:15 P Mohr COLVARD 4103
6131-Public Budget & Finance W 5:30 P-8:15 P Walton CITY 804
6134-Human Resource Mgmt W 5:30 P-8:15 P Piatak CITY 805
6142-Grant Writing and Rptg M 5:30 P-8:15 P Pettijohn CITY 1104
6160-Leadership in the Dig Era   Online Brown Online
6174-Pub Pol & Pol Hlth Care M 5:30 P-8:15 P Schmidt CHHS 161
6184-Urban Politics R 5:30 P-8:15 P Heard CITY 806
6187-Adv Semin Public Mgmt  T 6:30 P-9:15 P Douglas/Bean FRET 445C
6188-Rsch Appl in Pub Admin M 6:30 P-9:15 P Piatak FRET 406
6292-Disaster Management W 6:30 P-9:15 P Staley CAMERON 157
6311-Intro to Nonproit Mgmt M 5:30 P-8:15 P Postel CITY 1001
6318-Arts Admin & the Comm. R 5:30 P-8:15 P Bush CITY 905
6332-Project Management   Online Brown Online
6352-Pub Sec Financial Rptg  W 6:30 P-9:15 P Mohr FRET 120